Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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Receiving Goods

See how Magaya software helps automate and improve receiving processes, starting with handling purchase orders to managing pickup of items, then receiving and putting them away in the warehouse. Gain inventory visibility for you and your customers. Simplify billing and invoicing with the built-in accounting functions that connect your warehouse, distribution and all other processes all in one system.

Shipping Goods

Make your pick and pack and shipping strategies more efficient by applying the sequencing functions in Magaya software to your distribution center or warehouse. See the videos in our 3PL Shipping series to see how your order management and customer service can benefit from the software's automation, starting with processing sales orders to packing and releasing items on your own trucks or other carriers. Generate the AR and AP charges for storage, repacking and handling services quickly and easily with our complete accounting system that's included with the software and connected to every step in the process.